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How big of an area do I need?
You should have an area approximately 2 feet larger than the size of the unit that you are interested in. The area should be level and any in ground sprinkler systems should be shut off and not protruding.  We also ask that you please clean up the area where the unit will be set-up so that it is free from pet debris, rocks, dirt, sand, sticks etc. Also please check for overhead hazards such as electrical wires to be sure there is proper height clearance as well.

What are the electrical requirements?
We recommend a grounded outlet on a dedicated 20 amp circuit for each blower. Please note some units require more than 1 blower. Units must be placed within 80í of such power source.
A generator is available for rental for $95.00.

What if I want the inflatable setup where there is no electrical outlet, or at least no outlet within 80 feet?
Your inflatable can be set-up anywhere with the proper planning and equipment. We will need to bring a generator in order to power the blower(s). Please keep in mind that there is an additional charge for generator rental.

Who sets up the inflatable?
Staff members of Great 2 Inflate, LLC will set up each unit and take them down when we come for pick-up.  Set up time is approximately 20-30 minutes (depending on unit and if renting more than one unit).  We ask that if you are done with the inflatable please do not shut down the blower. Each unit must be inflated for proper inspection before it is taken down, as well as any required preliminary cleaning of the unit.

How does the inflatable unit stay inflated?
Each unit is inflated with a blower motor unit that must stay on the entire time that the inflatable unit is being used (unless otherwise instructed in case of inclement weather or high winds). All blowers are fully enclosed with no moving parts  exposed.

Are adults permitted in the bouncers?
Adults and teens are permitted in the inflatables. For safe use, participants should be close in age and size.

Can I cancel my reservation?
We realize that things come up unexpectedly, so yes you can cancel your rental. But we do ask that you try to give at least a one week (7 days) notice of your cancellation.  No refunds will be given once we have arrived to deliver/set-up the unit.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a 10% deposit on rental's of $500 or more. The remainder of the balance can be paid in fulll on the date of your party or event by cash or check when we arrive to set up the equipment.

What is your weather policy?
AN INFLATABLE MUST NOT BE USED WHEN WET INSIDE and/or WHEN WINDS ARE 20 MPH OR MORE.  This is a very important safety issue. 

We may cancel the rental the day prior or the morning of delivery if the forecast calls for inclement weather. In this case, we will contact you the day prior or morning of your event to discuss any weather related issues. Also, feel free to also contact us with any weather policy questions at (330) 704-9767, as No refunds will be given once the inflatable has been setup.

Wind - If the local weather forecasts winds of 15-20+ mph., and both you and Great 2 Inflate, LLC agree before delivery/set up that it may be unsafe to use then we will cancel the rental with no charge to you.  We reserve the right to cancel your rental

Rain - If the local weather is forecasted 70% or higher chance of rain, we reserve the right to cancel your rental.  An inflatable should not be used when raining or wet.  If the inside of the inflatable unit gets wet everyone should exit the unit, as it becomes very slippery and dangerous. Once the rain stops you can then dry the unit with towels and return to regular use. 

Can an inflatable be set up indoors?
Yes, all of our units can be set up inside or outside. Just please be sure that there is enough ceiling height to accommodate your unit. The units must not be too near hot lights, a/c vents or any fire hazard. Many commercial halls, malls, gyms, etc. should have sufficient height clearance, but please contact us at: (330) 704-9767 for further discussion prior to booking your event.

Can I set up the inflatable near my pool?
Any inflatable unit must be set up at least 30 feet away, a safe distance away from a pool or any water front.

Can I pick up the inflatable from Great 2 Inflate, LLC and set it up myself for a reduced price?
Since your safety is our number one concern, we do not allow customers to pick-up any inflatable unit and set up themselves. We understand that some companies may allow the homeowner to pick up & set up inflatable units, we do not feel that itís a good idea. Our personnel will evaluate the set up area, use the correct size & type of power cords and makes the all-important connections between the blower & inflatables. We also use proper straps and spikes/anchors to secure the unit to the ground and clean the inflatable prior to you using it (if needed).  Also, each unit weighs a minimum of 250 pounds, so injury to you is also our concern.

Are your inflatables clean?
Yes! We clean our inflatable units regularly by vacuuming away debris, as well as spray and wipe/scrub using a high quality cleaner/disinfectant.

How safe are your inflatables?
Each of our inflatables are constructed with very durable commercial grade vinyl with double and quadruple stitching by reputable manufacturers with your safety in mind. Each unit meets and/or exceeds ATSM rental industry standards and has also been inspected and licensed by the State of Ohio Amusement Ride Safety Division. We are held to the highest standard of ride safety as are the large amusement ride parks throughout the state. Great 2 Inflate, LLC also carries full liability insurance on each inflatable unit (as required by state law). Each of our inflatables is equipped with a non-removable list of rules. We will also supply recommended guidelines for safe use and recommended number of children that should be allowed to use the unit at one time.  Beware of low-grade, unsafe inflatables and sub-standard rental operators. Also, please be aware that ALL  inflatables operating in Ohio are REQUIRED to be inspected/licensed by the State and carry liability insurance. There are some rental companies out there that refuse to abide by the rules. For your safety, PLEASE make this a question that you ask any company you intend to rent from.
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